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November 6 - November 10, 2017
Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Train-the-Trainer

Lee Gardenswartz. Ph.D., Anita Rowe, Ph.D., Jorge Cherbosque, Ph.D.

Attend the Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Train-the-Trainer Session and take back the knowledge, skills and materials to develop leaders in your organization. In a beautiful mountain resort setting, this four-day program involves you in both personal and professional development in emotional intelligence as it relates to dealing with difficult changes and differences throughout life. The end result is not only your own growth, but the ability to facilitate the professional growth of others as well. Training focuses on gaining the conceptual underpinnings and using structured learning activities that develop awareness, knowledge and skill in the four aspects of Emotional Intelligence and Diversity. 

Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute
Lake Arrowhead, CA 

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Gardenswartz & Rowe are also partners in the Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute. To learn more visit our website at