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Executive Diversity Services, Inc.


Executive Diversity Services, Inc. (EDS) is an organizational development company serving the global marketplace offering a variety of services, including management consulting, leadership development, coaching, training and team facilitation. EDS also offers training guides and toolkits, including "Diversafari: A Learning Adventure™", an interactive program that cultivates global cultural awareness in the workplace through adult learning methods.


Ronald Matheson

For over twenty years, Ron Matheson has provided us with the full complement of resources we need for our seminars, presentations, bids, books, website design and updates, and other materials. If you are ever in the need of similar services, we suggest you contact Ron.


Common Ground

Common Ground provides education and consulting in three areas: sexual orientation education and ERG development, transgender/gender identity transition and education, and the financial aspects of sexual orientation in the workplace with an emphasis on the evolving process for having domestic partner benefits and/or same-sex marriage taxation practices and standards across the enterprise. The principals are authors of Straight Talk About Gays in the Workplace and Playing to Strength: Leveraging Gender at Work.


Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute


Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC)




The Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute is an organization devoted to promoting the development of emotional intelligence in dealing with diversity through training, consulting, research and the creation of materials and books on the topic. More information about EIDI can be found on their website.


SUMMER INSTITUTE FOR INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION (SIIC) held annually in July near Portland, Oregon. Update your knowledge and skills on international and domestic diversity. SIIC offers a range of state-of-the-art workshops for professionals on strategic planning and training, global human resources, intercultural healthcare, cross-cultural negotiation, intercultural conflict management, global leadership, and related topics. With faculty drawn from leaders in the field (including Lee Gardenswartz and Anita Rowe), the Institute presents a unique opportunity for you to develop skills, update programs, gather resources, and network with colleagues from all over the world in a stimulating environment.

Choose from over 40 workshops on topics such as:

  • Foundations of Diversity Training
  • Making Diversity Work: A Strategic Approach
  • Third-Party Facilitation in Intercultural Conflict
  • Bridging Gender Cultures at Work
  • Understanding Racial and Cultural Identity in America
  • Advanced Workshop for Diversity Professionals
  • Applying the Intercultural Perspective

    Apply your learning toward professional certification and academic credit. For more information, contact the Intercultural Communication Insitute, Portland Oregon.

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