Training and Consulting Services

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Show us a manager who deals well with diversity and we'll show you the consumate leader of today... one who is solution oriented, adaptable, and responsive to change.

Diversity Consulting

We conduct audits to collect data about conditions, barriers and opportunities for change that provide direction for the diversity and inclusion culture change process.

Creation of Diversity Strategies
In partnership with the client, we provide guidance in the design of the culture change strategy.

Strategy Implementations
We facilitate the implementation of systems changes in partnership with the Diversity and Inclusion team.

Diversity and Inclusion Council Development
We develop the Diversity and Inclusion Council as a culture change team.

Team Building
We design customized team interventions to incresase effectiveness, enhance collaboration and overcome obstacles.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Leadership Development
We conduct sessions that help leaders understand the what, why and how of Diversity and Inclusion for their organizations so they can intentionally lead the process with commitment and clarity.

Management Skills
We conduct training to provide managers with the awareness, knowledge and skills to get the best from their diverse teams.

Diversity and Inclusion for Staff
We conduct sessions that give staff the awareness, knowledge and tools to work productively in diverse settings.

Diversity and Inclusion Train-the-Trainer
We conduct training that enables in-house staff to gain the awareness, knowledge, tools and skills to conduct diversity and inclusion training in their organizations.

Diversity and Inclusion Skills Sessions
We design and conduct customized training to help staff develop skills in the following areas:

  • Diversity-related Problem Solving
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Across Cultures
  • Serving Diverse Customers
  • Emotional Intelligence and Diversity (Visit us at

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