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Kudos to Gardenswartz & Rowe

"In working with various business consultants over the years, Gardenswartz & Rowe stand out as providing sustainable value that is having a long lasting impact on our organization. There are business leaders and employees within the company that are still referencing various concepts and learning from our sessions with Lee and Anita. I cannot thank them enough for the very valuable tools, resources and strategic insights that they have provided myself and other leaders related to increasing our cultural intelligence for 21st century leadership."

Tony Jenkins
Market President – Central Florida
Florida Blue

"Lee and Anita love people, and they certainly “get” people  These ladies are masters at engaging participants in the work of looking within themselves and evaluating their motives, their biases and their reactions.  After my first “diversity training” session, I left understanding myself more fully, but perhaps more importantly, I left willing to endeavor to understand others as well.  Greater appreciation of the fact that each individual is uniquely shaped by their experiences has, I believe, made me a more effective leader at work and, I hope, a more empathetic member of the human race."

Paul Fowler
Regional Vice President
Mortgage Service
Ag Texas

"I am privileged to have worked with Gardenswartz & Rowe for nearly a decade. During this time, Gardenswartz & Rowe was instrumental in helping Sempra Energy develop highly successful, innovative and creative approaches to diversity training and development. They are particularly adept at working through abstract and complex issues critical in our continually changing work environment."

Berlinda Fontenot-Jamerson
Former Director, Corporate Diversity
Sempra Energy

"I have taken courses with Dr. Anita Rowe of Gardenswartz and Rowe since 2010. At the onset, I was impressed with her warmth and understanding of Diversity and Inclusion. She uses a unique framework for increasing diversity and creating inclusion in any context. Recently, Dr. Rowe helped over 100 school leaders and teachers frame diversity complexities. At the end of the three-day session with Dr. Rowe, the Council was thrilled and optimistic about the Diversity & Inclusion movement happening in the district and K-12 educators are positioned to impact school climate at once."

Tessa R. Sutton
Assistant Principal - STEAM Coordinator
Roosevelt STEAM Academy
Elkhart Community Schools

"Elkhart Community Schools is a large public school district of 13,000 students and close to 2000 employees.  Anita has joined us in Indiana to develop and implement Equity and Inclusion training.  Anita's professional and compassionate leadership provides a safe learning environment while challenging the teams to learn.  It continues to be an amazing experience for our staff, students, parents, and community members.  This work is leading us to develop our own Equity and Inclusion Plan."

Tony England
Asst. Superintendent for Student Services
Elkhart Community Schools

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Gardenswartz & Rowe are also partners in the Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute. To learn more visit our website at eidi‑results.org.